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It’s About Being There – A Spec Ad for JetBlue

In Uncategorized on August 19, 2013 at 7:56 pm

Lately, I’ve been using my spare time to make advertisements. It’s a fun writing challenge that I equate to a structured poetic form. The question I ask myself is always “how can I relate an experience that just so happened to be possible with the product?” and then “how can I do this as minimally as possible?”

My girlfriend and I recently flew JetBlue and it actually wasn’t hell. Patton Oswalt has a bit about how JetBlue pumps you full of snacks and bad TV until you lose so many brain cells that you forget how horrible flying is. For me, the flying is a necessary annoyance that can, at times, be alleviated with good fly attendants and a healthy amount of distractions. JetBlue does this for me, so I tend to fly with them more often. But all of us put up with flying because of the payoff, not the experience of flying itself. So for this spec ad, I chose not to focus on the experience of being in a plane, but rather the experience of where the plane takes you.

jetBlue spec ad

The photograph is framed on my girlfriend’s desk – that’s her and I in Dubrovnik. And although it’s a nice memento, I believe what I wrote – the picture really doesn’t do the experience justice. I think we sometimes forget that.