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Even This Acronym

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I was asked if I’d like to contribute to a couple anthologies recently. One taking place in the V-Wars universe and the other taking place in the X-Files  universe.

For the V-Wars story, I wrote about life in Brooklyn after it’d been nearly decimated by war. The story centers on a somewhat sleazy, broke 20-something who, in the midst of a bad breakup, finds that he’s become addicted to sex with a hermaphroditic succubus.

For the X-Files story, I have Mulder and Scully come to my apartment in Brooklyn to interrogate me (Jade Shames) while I’m in the middle of writing the other story.

Check it out! Click a book for a link to order it.



Scary Out There

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Some poems I wrote when I was a young adult were published in this book for young adults. You can purchase it here.



My poems are:


Thinking of Kelsey, and how she went to high school one year before I did and said that it was horrible, and how many years later she overdosed on Benadryl in a bathroom because she believed werewolves were waiting for her outside, but really it was a schizophrenic relapse

Trench Coats

War Paint

In the book, they didn’t bold the title of the second one, but yes it is a very long title. Really honored to have my work right after R. L. Stein’s—Goosebumps was my jam.

Big thanks to Jonathan Maberry for publishing this and a couple other short stories I wrote in other anthologies he edited.