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I Am the Grand Prize Winner of the 2013 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

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Victory! I am supremely happy. Much gratitude to my friends and family—you didn’t throw me in the nut house.

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“In PHOENIX EMPIRE!, Jade Shames shows he has an extraordinary level of daring and imagination. It is a piece of total originality that defies convention or formula. Of all the great new writers this contest introduced me to, Jade is an original voice that must be encouraged.”

— Joel Schumacher


Phoenix Empire! is a wholly original script, and Jade Shames is the epitome of a Fresh Voice.  He’s created a very compelling character in Fern Harmon, and placed her in a truly unique story.  I’m excited to see what Jade does next.”

— Evan Cavic, literary manager at Principato-Young Entertainment


“It is so rewarding to undergo a yearlong process to discover new writers, to come away with something as special and unique as this. Phoenix Empire! is a fantastic tale of one woman’s life told in so much detail, with so much empathy, and such rich emotion, it is utterly amazing that this is a mere product of someone’s imagination. It feels so real and so lived, I had to constantly remind myself that this was not a true story, no matter how fantastic it became. Jade’s use of traditional and non-traditional narrative mechanisms weave seamlessly. Jade takes a lot of risks, but never did I lose confidence. There were constant reminders along the way that you were in good hands; that the writer was always in control of the story no matter how far the boundaries were pushed.”

— Joel Mendoza, Chairman of the Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition