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Nothing Like Print

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I just got my copy of HOW issue #9. It’s awesome. I love the cover art and I love the pieces they published. Plus, seeing my name in the table of contents is just a surreal experience. I cannot thank Luke Wiget and the editorial staff at HOW enough for deciding to publish “The Backward Astronomer”.

Please, purchase a copy of this journal…



…and if you’re in the area, come to the launch party on December 2 at Malbec and Tango House in NOHO NYC. It starts at 7:30pm.

The Backward Astronomer is about a couple living in New York City who have an unlimited income, but after incessant partying and debauchery, the protagonist finds a secret door that makes him question his idea of happiness. It is a chapter from my novel The Dead Space Architects.

Drabble Drabble Drabble

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I’ve been working on a drabble (a 100-word or less novel) for a while and I finally got it published in this awesome online journal called Microscenes. Microscenes is, I believe, an imprint of FRXTL.

Check out my drabble in Microscenes 7: microscenes7.tumblr.com/post/66320068241/one-trick

Jonathan Romano wrote this review: Reminds me, if Celine was to write an episode of Mr. Ed, how the narrative would progress to conclusion…a scorned man, in the throes of heartbreak, depression, and human solitude, who would turn to a misanthropic and more primitive alliance based in an absurd mimicry of human relationships to illustrate the merits of silence and the insidious damage of how conscious awareness through the often empty sentiments of ‘talk’ can lead to a skewed imbalanced conceptualization of love. This dependence allows for a creation of an emotional distress through the very means by which the ineffectual partner had tried to escape his despondency through the affection of human bonds — creating a fridged power structure of dominance. With the interaction of people, there’s always a thread of crisis, because we can’t learn to shut the fuck up. This is where the great irony of your story got me: because even though he teaches the horse some language, he still yearned for the human companionship he’d lost. So despite his best efforts out of desperation, he lost the game, although it must be noted, his horse was a faithful companion until his end. And as the saying goes, “a horse is a horse, of course a horse” he wanted a woman, lol!