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New Kat Thek Radio Hour Pictures

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Thursdays at 9PM.

March 1st’s episode will feature a voicemail from Ophira Eisenberg.

Psycho-Killer Dad part 1

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I wrote this sketch and it was performed by Kat Thek, Andrew Maclarty, Mimi Bain, and myself. Check out the rest of the Psycho-Killer Dad parts here: http://katthekradiohour.com/styled/page9/index.html

New Episode of The Kat Thek Radio Hour Tonight

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I found this episode rather dark and strange……………

Keep listening…

Maritime Law awesome

Kat Thek Radio Hour Supports Maritime Law

Kat Eats Groundhog Then Eats Self

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Did you know that I write for the popular radio comedy variety show The Kat Thek Radio Hour? Yup, I’m not a liar. The first episode premieres tonight at 9PM EST.

How can you listen?

By going to www.katthekradiohour.com of course! If you couldn’t figure that out, you must criminally insane.

This show was made possible by Brooklyn College’s radio department, many talented voice actors, musicians, friends, and well-wishers.

If you’re interested in Jade Shames, Kat Thek, or audio stimuli, please listen to The Kat Thek Radio Hour – airing every Thursday night at 9PM EST.