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Hard Bop?

In Things that happened on October 11, 2011 at 1:59 am

At the Glasslands show where I went to see the emerging UK artist Anika, I was caught off-guard by a band…I think was called Hard Bop.

I say I think, because there seems to be very little about them online. I wish I could link to some videos or music or something, but I can’t find any.

Their myspace page appropriately states under Bio: two friends playing music.

That’s how it felt, and at first it almost seemed too amateur for Glasslands. But then…oh man. There was just a guitarist and a drummer, but they began creating a sound I can only describe as epic garage band.

The guitarist used a loop petal and some effects to make melodic beats and walls of sound. The drummer hit back hard with Mitch Mitchell-esque attacks.

Together they moved the room from entrancement to endancement.

And somehow, even though they played continuously, I didn’t feel like I could classify them as “Jam Band”.

Wherever you guys are…nice job.