My short film: The Backward Astronomer

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A couple of years ago, an acquaintance whom I occasionally saw at parties of mutual friends handed me a doodle with his contact info written on the back. This happened at my 30th birthday party, which Kat and I hosted at our apartment in Brooklyn. I had seen his animated short Hungry Boy before and was tremendously impressed with his style and aesthetics. I was also a big fan of his paintings, which hung on the walls of many of our shared friends. Flattered and intrigued, I met with this man, Jake Nelson, for a beer to discuss the potential collaboration.

After sending him an assortment of my short stories, he ultimately picked one that I had written in graduate school and that was published in the 2013 Fall/Winter issue of H.O.W art & literary journal. It was called The Backward Astronomer—part poetry, part fiction. It belonged in a larger collection of these po-ficts that made up my novel The Dead Space Architects. Each po-fict described the relationship of two people in different settings, and each piece could stand on its own.

I got to work translating the po-fict into a screenplay and Jake began the long process of directing and animating it. Fast forward about two and a half years and we finally have a finished short film (runtime = 10min).

Watch the trailer here…

TRAILER – The Backward Astronomer from Jake Nelson on Vimeo.


The film is playing at select film festivals. You can find the complete list including more information here: thebackwardastronomer.com

The score is all original music by myself and Jesse Perlstein.


Pre-orders Are Open, But Not for Long

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Hurry up and click these words to order a copy of Side Effects! We’re ending the pre-order period on April 15. Buy your copy for just $25—and if you live in the US, it’s free shipping!

We also released an updated print-and-play version of the game with two new bonus cards! Download it here. Password: RxRefill

For complete Side Effects rules, including how to use the new cards, visit pillboxgames.com/instructions

And don’t forget to pick up some swag at Pillbox Games’s Society6 page: society6.com/pillboxgames

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Goal Achieved

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We’re now 40 hours away from the end of the campaign. It’s been an unbelievable experience. Within the first ten hours of us being on Kickstarter, Side Effects was fully funded. We’ve had many reviews, interviews, and posts, but this is one of my favorites…

From my friend Jason. I played with him and his wife, Yifei, when Kat and I were in Tokyo this September.

We’re not far from our $75k stretch goal and there’s still time! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/818343421/side-effects

Check out our other videos and reviews here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLL5bCmO4g1b5oARwxm51XyBDLRo6-FGMz

Directed by Luke Koz. Ben Bronstein, Kat Thek, and I are playing in the video. I recorded the song. Oliver Conant is the voice. Camera work by Sarah Tricker.