New LP record coming out in November 2015

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I’m a Doctor

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I was recently on the DrDoctor reading series. You can download the podcast on iTunes here, or listen on SoundCloud here:

I read a short-story called “Paris Perfect” and a number of very-short-stories about chess that I call Chess Pieces. Paris Perfect is about the creation of a new Paris (the city) made in Japan. The other two readers are Alysia Abbot and Christina Shideler—I’m the last one to read.

Releasing an unofficial NEW 6-song album

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I’ve decided to release a song a day from my new EP, ’96, over the course of the next six days. I really hope you enjoy it. I hadn’t really touched my SoundCloud account since I got back from my mini-tour in Germany. It’s nice to finally have songs to share again.

Many thanks to my manager, Lee Cahill; and my record label, Gleichklang Recordings; Kat Thek; Jake Chudnow; and Johann Pätzold for your support and encouragement.


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