I won first place!

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My script, Phoenix Empire!, won first prize for drama in the 2013 Fresh Voices screenplay competition. I’m really thrilled about this. It’s a huge honor.

Logline: The harrowing and fantastical life story of the greatest pyrotechnician the world has ever seen.


I was also given the Courage & Fortitude award.

I’m now in the running for the Grand Prize. Wish me luck.


I am a Finalist

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I’m excited to report that I’m a finalist in the Fresh Voices Annual Screenplay Competition.



Phoenix Empire! is a fictional biography of the world’s greatest pyrotechnician. 

My screenplay, Phoenix Empire!, has placed in two categories: comedy and drama. There are roughly ten scripts in each category now (down from over 1500 total in the beginning).

Here’s the list: http://www.fresh-voices.com/2013-screenplay-competition-finalists-spotlight-awards-short-list.html

You’ll see that I was also nominated for two awards: one for Courage & Fortitude, and one for Best First 10 Pages.

Do a CTRL+F and type in Jade to see where I am in the list.


Nothing Like Print

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I just got my copy of HOW issue #9. It’s awesome. I love the cover art and I love the pieces they published. Plus, seeing my name in the table of contents is just a surreal experience. I cannot thank Luke Wiget and the editorial staff at HOW enough for deciding to publish “The Backward Astronomer”.

Please, purchase a copy of this journal…



…and if you’re in the area, come to the launch party on December 2 at Malbec and Tango House in NOHO NYC. It starts at 7:30pm.

The Backward Astronomer is about a couple living in New York City who have an unlimited income, but after incessant partying and debauchery, the protagonist finds a secret door that makes him question his idea of happiness. It is a chapter from my novel The Dead Space Architects.


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